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An affordable, online, therapy-based programme to quit porn addiction, sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviours. Available online and on the Pivotal Apps.

Safe, secure and anonymous.

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Overcome Porn Addiction & Compulsive Sexual Behaviours in just 60 days.

Research-based, academically robust and tested recovery services for people struggling with pornography addiction, sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviours.

How Pivotal Recovery Works

60 podcasts guide you through the 6 steps of recovery.
And the interactive digital workbook provides the space to reflect on your journey and personalise the content to your individual situation.

Each podcast lasts 10-20 minutes and we recommend spending a further 30 minutes completing the tailored exercises in your workbook. All materials are instantly accessible for as long as you need them, so you can choose the pace that’s best for you.

Based on over a decade’s research and therapeutic experience with thousands of men and women. Pivotal Recovery is not a sobriety course, but a recovery course. This will change your life, not just your habits. A sex-positive, inclusive solution for problematic sexual behaviours.

Single payment

£75 ($97.28*)

3 Monthly instalments

£30 ($38.91*)

  • Lifetime access
  • Learn how to take control and stop behaviours
  • Build on your success and shape your future
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Listen to the podcast and learn why you have this problem and how to overcome it


Use the interactive workbook and apply what you’ve heard to your individual circumstances



In a relationship?

If you're in a relationship and are looking for more tools and information to help you support your partner, do look at our 6 part course - Helping Your Partner


of users stopped their most damaging behaviours


of users were more confident in their recovery


of users would recommend the course to others


I’d recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to live a life free from porn addiction. I’ve learned a lot from this course that I couldn’t get by just reading articles. This is your best bet to starting a journey of full recovery from this unwanted behaviour and don’t think twice about it because I truly mean it, I wish I’d had this 8 years ago.

About us

Not everyone is able to access the specialist expertise they need to beat sex and porn addiction. Location, cost and time commitments mean many aren’t able to benefit from vital psycho-educational interventions.

Renowned sex and relationship psychotherapist and author, Dr Paula Hall had a vision of making her core recovery treatments available to a wider audience for years…

…as a result, Pivotal Recovery CIC was founded as a not-for-profit community interest company dedicated to providing research-based, academically robust and tested recovery services for people struggling with pornography addiction, sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviours.

Quote 1

This was a well-structured, informative, and pragmatic course whether as an introduction to recovery or as a complementary programme to other recovery paths. It is affordable, and represents great value for money. I found it accessible, manageable while still being challenging.

Quote 2

I have accessed support in the past to try address my acting out behaviours when they resulted in me hitting my rock bottom moment. I did greatly reduce my acting out but never fully stopped. The course has given me the extra tools and knowledge to finally stop after all these years.

Quote 3

I have learned so much from the Pivotal course which has greatly helped me to stop acting out and maintained me stopping. I can now see a brighter future for myself, something which I haven’t felt for a long time.

Frequently asked

Is the Pivotal Recovery programme credible, can I trust it?

The Pivotal Recovery Programme has been developed, written and recorded by Dr Paula Hall and is  based on the latest addiction research and her extensive experience working with clients both one-to-one and in group settings.

Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve had from users

“This course will help you and give you hope. It has saved me.” 

“Pivotal has changed my life and my way of thinking.”

“Best decision of my life”

“If you put in the time and work it could literally change your life for the better, it’s your choice.”

“For me signing up for Pivotal Recovery was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.”

Do I have to complete the programme in consecutive days, is there a time limit?

No, consecutive days don’t work for everyone and feeling rushed won’t help you get the most out of the course. It’s best to commit to a regular routine that works for you. You need time to listen, digest, process and then move on – that could be 3 or 4 times a week, or maybe it will just be week days or weekends. The important thing is ensuring you finish it. Of course, the less frequently you log in, the longer it will take to complete, but going at your own pace is key.

How do I know if I am addicted to sex and/or porn?

If your sexual behaviours are having a negative impact on your life, for example on your relationships, your work life, your finances, or other important commitments, then it could have developed into an addiction. Especially if you’ve tried to stop and failed. Our anonymous assessment can help you decide if you have a problem, and what action to take.

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Frequently asked questions

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