Am I an Addict?

How do you know if you’re struggling with sex and/or porn addiction? What are the signs of addictive or compulsive behaviour? Are the symptoms of sex addiction different to the symptoms of porn addiction? Or the symptoms of compulsive sexual behaviour disorder? Does the type of behaviour define it as a problem? Or how often you do it?

These are very common questions that we are frequently asked and the assessment tool below will help you to decide if you have a problem and also help you to decide what action you want to take. As you’ll see, the symptoms are all the same and they’re not measured by amount or type, but by consequences. Take the anonymous assessment today and find out for yourself.

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There are 14 questions in total. Please take the time to carefully consider each, and answer as honestly and accurately as you can.

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You will get the results instantly, so we don’t need your email address. They are completely confidential and will tell you if you have a problem and also how severe it may be.

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Do I have an addiction?

Taking this simple anonymous online test can help you to establish if your sexual behaviours, have become compulsive and if you may be struggling with an addiction. This test, based on the SASAT (Sex Addiction Severity Assessment Tool) is widely used by therapists around the world to help people recognise the severity of their behaviour and consider next steps.

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Have you been struggling with your problem for more than 2 years?*
Do you regularly view pornography for more than 11 hours a week?*
Have you noticed that you need more and more stimuli or risk in order to achieve the same level of arousal and excitement?*
Do you feel as if your sexual behaviour is out of your control?*
Do you currently, or have you in the past, struggled with any other addictions, compulsive behaviours or eating disorders? Such as drug, alcohol addiction, compulsive gambling, gaming, work or exercise, collecting?*
Has anyone in your family currently, or in the past, struggled with any addictions, compulsive behaviours or eating disorders such as those listed above?*
Do you find yourself pre-occupied with either planning for, fantasising about, or recovering from your sexual behaviours?*
Does your sexual behaviour have a negative impact on your relationship or your ability to start a relationship?*
Do your behaviours have a negative impact on your work or studies, finances, health, or relationships with friends or extended family members?*
Does your sexual behaviour contradict your personal values and potentially limit your goals in life?*
Do you find yourself struggling to concentrate on other areas of your life because of thoughts and feelings about your sexual behaviour?*
Have you tried to limit your sexual behaviour or stop it all together, but failed?*
Are you more tempted to engage in sexual behaviour when you’re experiencing difficult feelings such as stress, anxiety, anger, depression or sadness?*
Do you continue to engage in your sexual behaviours, even though they’re not as satisfying as they used to be?*

Pivotal has changed my life and my way of thinking. When I first saw the course I was nervous to take the first step as no one wants to admit they have a problem. However it has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life and has put me on a journey of recovery. It’s not easy and you will have to work for it but I promise you it’s worth it!

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