Helping your Partner

Many people don’t start their recovery journey until their partner finds out. If this is you, you’ll not just be managing your own recovery, but also trying to save your relationship. Your partner is probably experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions and is bombarding you with a thousand and one questions that you’re unsure how to answer.

Or perhaps your partner doesn’t know about your addictive behaviours yet, but you want to tell them, but also want to know how to manage the fallout.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, this course has been specifically designed to help you address that challenge.

Helping Your Partner consists of 6 x 20 minute podcasts that will provide you with the tools and strategies to help you:-

  • Understand your partner’s reactions
  • Respond positively to your partner’s emotions
  • Rebuild trust
  • Improve communication
  • Minimise conflict

Helping Your Partner

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  • 6 x 20 minute podcasts.
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Course Details

The course is made up of 6 podcasts that have been developed to build your understanding of what your partner is going through. It then walks you through the steps and strategies you need to help them deal with the shock of discovering your addictive behaviours, re-establish effective communication and rebuild a foundation for your relationship going forward.

Session 1 – Understanding the impact

Our starting point is gaining a thorough understanding of the impact of your addictive behaviour has had on your partner. Every partner is different and will be affected in a different way. We explore the factors that affect the impact and how different people react.

Session 2 – Managing the Fallout

This session looks at how to deal with the immediate fallout and manage the emotional rollercoaster that your partner has unexpectedly found themselves on. It also looks at how to respond to the most common emotional reactions of a partner and how you can handle some of the questions that inevitably come with those emotions.

Session 3 – Improving communication and Minimising Conflict

Any kind of constructive conversation can seem impossible in these circumstances. You may be talking for hours on end, but talking is not the same as communicating. Here we focus on how you can improve communication and in particular, the essential role of empathy.

Session 4 – Rebuilding Trust

All relationship are built on trust, and that trust has been shattered. In this session we look at how you can build trust in yourself and your recovery, and also how you can demonstrate trustworthiness with your partner.

Session 5 – Developing Ruthless Honesty

To rebuild your relationship you need to rebuild trust. To rebuild trust you have to develop and demonstrate integrity. That’s where ruthless honesty comes in. But ruthless honesty is not the same as brutal honesty. We also look at the information that’s helpful to share with your partner, and information that can be harmful.

Session 6 – Next Steps

Finally we look at how long it takes for relationships to recover and draw up a timeframe for the process. We also touch on some of the other issues that may come up along the journey, such as temporary separation, telling other people and rebuilding intimacy.

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